Make An Arcade Game In Game Maker With Me!

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With the month just starting, and this blog being brand new, what better way to kick it all off than with dev-logging a new arcade game made in Game Maker.

Where we are currently at:

  1. You are a penguin that is in need of food, yet birds keep coming at you from all directions
  2. You can push them away with bubbles but you cannot permanently kill them (might implement a stun later)

Thoughts on where I want this game to go…

  1. Have a high-score system be an optional achievement
  2. Find a more meaningful way for the enemy birds to attack the player
  3. Bring in an unrelated primary goal

The AI is a fun floating-type AI that I discussed further in this post here

While this doesn’t leave much to be desired yet, the more I open up Game Maker and start drawing little pixel art, the more the ideas come.

Finding meaning in little games that don’t try to tell a linear story is TOUGH.

It means that your entire game HEAVILY focuses on your mechanics and animations which is where your impressions are made.

Players will know immediately if they want to continue playing your arcade game or not. They need a quick achievable hook that doesn’t frustrate them to the point of no return (at least this what the casual gamer needs).

I’ve been heavily inspired by classic 80’s arcade games as of late because it’s truly impressive how simple and meaningful they really are.

Throughout the rest of this week, I am going to work on just that for this game, so if you have any suggestions shoot me an email and let me know your thoughts!

Update #1: Added music and sounds, still prototyping more meaningful gameplay.

Check back here for more updates on it soon!