Program Enemy “Floating” AI

This week I want to show you a fun bundle of code to make some floating AI with GameMaker. (To all my Construct peeps, when the new site goes live the content will be split for both GameMaker & Construct!) Let’s make an enemy sprite like this: This gives us two frames, and while my […]

Easy AI For Your Next Prototype

The big problem everyone runs into when trying to make their game is always the scope, or the polish (a.k.a the stuff that makes it more marketable) of the game they are trying to make. Then everyone says “prototype it first” and more often than not prototypes are never published. Prototyping is one of my favorite […]

Cameras are EASY!

This week we’re going to briefly discuss Cameras in Game Maker. Cameras in Game Maker Studio 2 were revamped, and for some reason, they seem to be quite a mystery. But in actuality they are SUPER simple. Just like in Construct, Game Maker cameras follow the SAME pattern. Cameras don’t care about your layout size. […]

How to Program a Simple Weapon System (Guide)

One of my most popular series is creating a dynamic weapon system in Construct. A dynamic weapon system is when you swap between all weapons in your game that can be triggered as manual (pressed/tapped) or automatic (held down). Now, we are going to do the same in Game Maker, and it’s really easy. Triggering a bullet automatically is […]