How to make your game “just work”.

The moment your game mechanics all click into place your game becomes a wonderful growing snowball. Over the past couple days I took a break from my penguin prototype and started working on a physical card game.  It was rough.  We tried about 6 different versions of it until it got somewhere interesting… and then it started to get traction. […]

Make An Arcade Game In Game Maker With Me!

With the month just starting, and this blog being brand new, what better way to kick it all off than with dev-logging a new arcade game made in Game Maker. Where we are currently at: You are a penguin that is in need of food, yet birds keep coming at you from all directions You […]

State of the blog June 2019!

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Program Enemy “Floating” AI

This week I want to show you a fun bundle of code to make some floating AI with GameMaker. (To all my Construct peeps, when the new site goes live the content will be split for both GameMaker & Construct!) Let’s make an enemy sprite like this: This gives us two frames, and while my […]